Soviet 37x250R Case

I have a brass 37x250R case headstamped “14-73” at 12 O’Clock, “K” tipped through 90 degrees to the right at 3 O’Clock, and “184-И” at 6 O’Clock.

I know 184 is the factory code, what does “И” stand for? is “14-73” lot 14 year 1973? What does the “K” stand for?

The primer is marked KB-2У 530 38-72" Is this Primer Dsignation, Facotory Code, Lot Number-Year? If 530 is the factory code, which factory used “530”?

What gun was this fired from?

Any info would be helpful.

  • @ Falcon: The 37X250R round was fired first by the Soviet 37mm M1939 AA gun but later the gun was manufactured and used by other countries too [including China]. The impressed headstamp markings are: “14-73” [lot/14 and two digit date/73 for the year of shell case manufacture 1973]; “K” [shell case material, “silicon brass” which has less than 20% zinc content with under 6% silicon compared with the usual cartridge brass which contains about 30% zinc and 70% copper]; “184” [shell case maker’s code, Russian State plant # 184, Zelenodolsk Factory Associates, followed normally by a Cyrillic letter which is the quality control stamp]. The percussion primer screw with 3 wrench holes should have a diameter of 16mm [0.629-inch] and the markings are: “KB-2Y” in Cyrillic [type of primer “KV-2U”]; “530” [maker’s code, Russian State plant # 530, I don’t know the location]; “38-72” [lot/38 and two digit date/72 for the year of primer manufacture 1972]. —> Falcon, as you can see the primer was made in 1972 and the shell case was made one year later. I have a similar 37X250R shell case [fired/inert] also made in 1973 with shell case lot # 71 and primer lot # 47 from 1973 [see my photo and comments on page 12, IAA Journal issue # 449, May/June 2006]. => NOTE: If the shell case still has the black ink markings stamped on the side, more info is available about the type of round, propellant, assembly plant code, date of assembly, lot number, etc. Liviu 07/02/08
  • @ Falcon: The 37mm projectile used by the 37X250R round could be fired in case of emergency at the tank roller tracks. The 37mm projectile was not effective anymore against the tank armour from early 1940s but it could damage its tracks and stop the tank making it a better target for the AT-guns. Anyway the 37X250R round was designed to be used against flying targets. Liviu 07/02/08

Great info Liviu. Unfortunately there are no ink stampings left on the case.