Soviet 6.5 x 38 R Hunting Cartridge


Some scans from a Soviet catalog about sporting arms and ammunition showing pictures and information of the 6.5 x 38 R, a scarce and little known hunting cartridge based on the 7.62 mm Nagant revolver case. It was published in 1965.

The only gun chambered for this cartridge included in this catalog is the TOZ-28 drilling (20/20/6.5):




Fede, and the same exists in 5.6mm and 7.62mm but with a “normal” seated projectile, i.e. like half of it outside the case.


Very interesting scans. Did not know regular hunting cartridges were available for purchasing by the general public. I thought firearms were illegal to own except by the military and communist politicians. I am referring to the 1950’s and 1960’s.


In the northern regions, as “commercial” rifled weapons were used quite widely, and geological parties were given and pistols (mostly from military trophies).






published in 1959


Screenshot (18)


Some information on the 6,5x39R hunting cartridge.

Sorry it is in Russain


Unfortunately there are a lot of mistakes / inaccuracies in this book.