Soviet BR-167 37mm APT and OR-167N HE-T-SD projectiles - chasing a dimensioned drawing


Does anyone have a dimensioned drawing of a Soviet BR-167 37mm APT projectile, as used in the 37x252SR 37mm Russian M1939 AA guns?

Is that ok for you?


That is fantastic Alex - thank you. I had a sneaking suspicion that you may have had one.

You mean me being a suspect? :-)

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Well that depends on whether the rumors are true! You seem to have a good reference library when it comes to such things. Either that or your Google skills are much better than mine.

Never trust rumors about me, they all may be true!
But in general: yes, docs are of more importance to me than hardware.


Jeff, of course I am always open to donations. :-)

I’m with Alex on this, documents fill in the landscape around the object … and I can give it to other folk, but still have it myself.

Try doing that with something really, really rare !!


A photocopier is mightier than the sword?

I replaced my Xerox machine with scanners longer ago.
But in general you are right.
This is why politicians consider knowledge dangerous (in particular to them)!

As a disseminator of information, yes.

The sword can kill people but it can never kill an idea. The printing press, cinema, the mimeograph and photocopier, television and the wireless … and now the internet, have each made ideas and information easier to broadcast widely … just look at how totalitarian countries seek to control their use and access to them, it’s easy to see why.

Plus, here in the UK it’s far administratively easier for me to collect information on munitions than to jump through the hoops to collect the munitions themselves … at least for the moment I don’t have to lock my hard-drives away in a Ministry approved safety cabinet.


No, if the day will come it is us being locked away and we may be closer than we think!

And I do not want to know what will happen if I’ll put my HDD into my suitcase and will show up at some airport’s immigration/customs…

In any case, we should not forget to make backup copies of our knowledge base regularly. Computers and storage devices will fail sooner or later. (Believe me, I worked for more than 35 years in this area.) Having backups, stored away from your working area, is the most important thing in preventing the knowledge from being lost.

Amen to that!

In my library I have registered something over 4300 hard documents. TMs, FMs, BIOS reports, flyers, books etc. I have another 12,000+ digital scanned docs. There is absolutely no doubt that the documentation is critical. But as a field guy no document can give me the understanding that holding the piece in hand can. There is just so much more that cannot be conveyed in a picture, line drawing or description. If I’m faced with buying one or the other, I’ll go for the hardware first. Then ask Alex to ID it for me.

Jeff, way too much confidence in me, but thanks!

Me sticking with docs is one but I always like to see or handle specimen, take them apart and photograph them. After that is done most of it can find a new home or go orbital.

I always back up my data at least once a month, and I use a lot of books too. Mr Subs, great library and EOD, make copies of everything on hard disk and mail them out to the four corners to your trusted friends!! ;-)

I’ve added OR-167N HE-T-SD to this thread, as it actually turns out that this is the projectile that I want to replicate. So, if anyone has a drawing of one that would be greatly appreciated.


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