Soviet DU useage in Afghanistan


I was forwarded a letter from a gentleman who sells Geiger counters, from a buyer stationed in Afghanistan, who is checking a range and the equipment they are using to test fire weapons.

Should he be worried about the weapons he is testing becoming dangerous?

Naturally he was concerned, do to a high background reading from the range and general area, which the seller says is somewhat dependent on altitude.

The thought came up that perhaps some of the background came from Soviet DU usage and I am ignorant of their DU usage.

SO did the Soviets have / use DU in Afghanistan?


Not that I am the one knowing all intimate details of the Russian war machine but I would say no.

So far no ammunition known from the times of the Russian Afghanistan war was encountered having DU components (just my personal experience). Besides that there were hardly any targets to be fought with even conventional AP ammo.

Nevertheless I would recommend to do thorough checks on radiation.


How about US usage of DU there? Or, how about naturally occuring radiation?



Howdy AKMS and EOD
Thank you both for the replys.
He is doing checks which is why he bought the counter, and as to background as the seller says it is dependent on the altitude and conforms generally to the norm for the altitude. (readings up to 70 cpm at about 7400 ft was read. About 40 to 50 cpm at about 5200 ft here in the US is norm says the seller).

As to US usage? I noted, to my limited knowledge, any thing the US might have used in my initial reply to the seller & assume he forwarded it to the buyer.

I’ll pass on your usage comments EOD & thank you both.