Soviet eod


Photos of Soviet EOD during the war and after are very hard to come by. The same problem with Japanese EOD.

This is a press photo of a special Soviet unit doing mine clearing. I have not seen this uniform before. The mines seem to be German .


The helmets look like Ssh36, wish I had one.


I am not sure that we can mention helmets - not ammo related. Maybe this will work; what kind of cartridge do you think would be needed to penetrate that type of helmet ?


I have no clue but… last weekend I was shooting an old pre-WWII Montgomery Ward bolt action and that .22 long rifle was significantly denting a steel target of approximately same thickness as this helmet. So if I were to guess, any jacketed round of 9mm and above will go through. And now, with an opposing opinion…


Would that device on the top figure in or is it just decoration ?


This should fit within the rules;