Soviet Factory Code 3

I am looking for information on the Factory Code 3. I have it being Russian, but I am wondering what was made there?


Quoting from C.Koll’s book: In 1941 changed from factory code 3B to 3.
Ulyanovsk Machinery Plant.
Made 7.62x25, 12.7x108, 14.5x114 and 20x99R. Hope this helps.

Ron, Koll is nice but “3B” was it only since 1922 as before it was “C”. And the name today is “Ulyanovsk Cartridge Plant”.

Joe, first it should be clarified which #3 you mean as for Russia/USSR there is at least two of them.

The best knwon here is “Ulyanovsk Cartridge Plant” which today is part of “Tula Cartridge Works” (#539).
While Ulyanovsk is using the Tula logos on commercial production they have retained the “3” on military cartridges.
They made/make these cases:
5.45x39, 7.62x25, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R, 9x18, 9x19, 12.7x108R, 12.7x108, 14.5x114, 20x99R, 20x115, 23x115
It can well be (to me most likely) that the 20mm and 23mm were not loaded by Ulyanovsk itself but that the cases were only supplied to other loading plants.

The second #3 is a factory in Moscow.
With code #3 I documented them with loading of:
9N15M warheads for 9M32M missiles
9N16 warheads for 9M33M missiles
120 mm mortar projs.

So these 2 are not to be confused when we are speaking of Russia only.
And in total there is 6 factories using the #3 in one form or another. So always positively ID the product range and the country in order not to draw incorrect conclusions.

I thought there might be a difference. I was using Koll’s book as my main reference but was looking to see what might be out there. Do you have pictures of the warheads or mortars with the 3 on it?

Thanks for the help …


Info in Koll is aimed at all related to medium calibers.
Some exceptions are listed too.
Lots of incorrect, missing or missinterpreted info there.

If I will come across the images with the “3” on other than small arms cases I will come back on that but can not promise.
Sometimes it is only from evaluated video footage. Also I am not filing images by factory.
Also keep in mind that there is for example more mortar related material + fuzes made with code #3 but by Albania then. And I did not even look into all other “3s”.