Soviet factory code database (online source)


Many of you have puzzled and wondered with all those Soviet number codes on ordnance and especially on cartridges.

There are lots of tables with numbers around, but nobody took care of the fact that these numbers changed with time (plants had to move because of the German attack in 1941, plants changed their production profile, plants were transferred from one people’s commissariat to another, plants were closed down, etc.).

For my “Soviet Cannon” book I compiled a comprehensive list, for the first time taking these facts into account.
Here is a funny story: Shortly before I finished my book, I ran accross an internet database that was researching the number code system of all Soviet plants since 1999. This fully referenced database, comprising an Excel sheet of 16MB and containing more than 25 thousand lines (rows) was a blast!

However, since you can’t find it by typing “Soviet manufacturer codes” or “Soviet factory codes” into Google, I will put the link here: … n/vpk/data

Dear cartridge society: Go nuts with this list!

Best regards!

PS: My “Soviet Cannon” book of course used information from that list and ammended it with specimen data. Additionally, I also provided factory code information on all of the Warsaw Pact states.

I think I’m more confused now than I was before!!!
There are Soviet Tokarevs with a raised 10 * 44 * headstamp. That is the only date know. A quick look at your list doesn’t help me identify the factory. Oh well, I guess a longer look is necessary to find some good candidates.


this is NOT a headstamp checklist!

It is a database of ALL Soviet defence factories, including those making tanks, ships, planes, etc.

If you’d like to get deeper into the subject of Soviet factory codes, you’d better read the preface first, which can be found at the above link as well.


Impressive. Great research source. Like any source. It will take effort.