Soviet ignition cartridge for ATO-42 tank borne flame throwers

A friend asked me to see if there is any information available on this item
Steel case with no visible markings except on brass primer visible in the photo
Mouth- 37mm
Length- 88mm
Base- 43mm
Rim- 50mm

Nice! I have never seen a steel one!
This is a Soviet ignition cartridge for ATO-42 tank borne flame throwers.

Diagram for it:

Alex, a lot of them laying around in “Altes Lager” near to ex-storage area of the russian housing and Military camp. all heavily rusted…and a lot of similar ones, but smaller…
Unffortunatelly I made no photos in 1990, as I was there
Altes Lager, near Jüterbog was from 1870 (Prussian Military area) til 1992 (russian Military camp) and is heavily infested with Military relicts on the ground…

Peter, too bad, you should have collected some!
This way I could have been taking photos of them…

Thank you for the correct ID and drawings. I have changed the title of the thread to reflect that.