Soviet / Russian 7.62x39mm M43 tins

Picture attached of three tins I recently bought. Not big on opening them at this time.

I have the bottom one figured out I believe, factory 539 from 1976, PS ball with copper washed steel cases, but I cannot decipher the top two.

038 does not compute. Tula? I have no 38 headstamps in 7.62x39. It also says this on the side of the tin.
“ГС” for a case type? What is “ГС”?

P84 for a factory on the second tin??? It also says this on the side of the tin. There is no P84 code that I know of.


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Joe, the 2 on top are not giving the manufacturer.
These are typical export tins. Both dated 1988.
“ГС” is “GS” = laquered steel case


Thank you.

So what does the 038 and P84 signify?

I am guessing there is no way to tell what headstamps are inside those tins?

Type…. Meaning

ГЖ- Bimetallic case (gilding metal clad steel)
ГЛ- Brass case
ГС- Steel case

Bullet type
ЛПС- Light ball bullet with mild steel core
ПС- Sniper with mild steel core

What is the cartridge type designation on the last picture?

7.62 x 54mmR 7N1 sniper cartridge

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Joe, these are the lot numbers - just with omitted factory code.

To ID the hs inside these tins you would have to open them.
But given the date and type it will be one of the well nown (few) manufacturers.
So nothing new to be discovered.

Regarding the original three tins:
Is the difference between propellant SSNf and the ordinary WUfl for the M43 PS cartridge known?

WUFL is shortened rifle powder, i.e. short sticks.
SSNF is spherical pyroxilin powder.

Thank you. I am surprised the Russians jumped on the spherical powder bandwagon for the M43.

Anybody an idea when they actually jumped? Thank you


Hans, maybe jumping around or back and forth…
I saw Barnaul (17) tins dated 2007 with WUFL. And Ulyanovsk (3) with WUFL in 2012.
I assume it is a question of availability and the actual cartridge manufacturer.

Klimovsk (711) I saw with spherical propellant as early as 1962 (in aluminum cases).

Danke, Alex.

Further insight welcome!

I opened one of the tins.

Tula cartridge plant, a conventional bullet with a steel core(ПС)

If you don’t want the tin top I’d be happy to take it :D

Sorry, but I intend to keep it. Yes, I also collect tin lids. I will past the piece of paper from inside on the back of the lid and also draw the headstamp on the back of the lid.

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A photo of the (to me unknown) spherical powder in these cartridges would be interesting.

Thank you very much, Fede.