Soviet short range 7.62x54R

Anyone ever seen anything like this? CWS case with 60 35 headstamp. The bullet sticks out about 6mm from the case. The bullet looks like it is a lead core with a copper coated steel jacket (not positive about the steel, it’s a little close to the steel case to be positive about what the magnet’s sticking to). The photos might not show it as well as I like, but it looks like the jacket was originally three pieces and the part between the sides and top has partially come off. Anyone know any info on this and/or rarity?

It looks like this cartridge a lot. Good translation!

OK, you both got my attention now. Philippe’s book says that it is a hunting cartridge (Охотный патрон). I want to know what game is being hunted with this, must be something small like birds. Maybe the author himself will answer.


As I said, I obtained the info from a late correspondent from Finland, Mr. Kekkonen, who had a good knowledge about Russian rounds.

You must remember that when the cartridge was supposed to be in use, the “official” hunting parties played in USSR only for the Party 's top notch comrades, were quite a special comedy, as well-fed and almost tamed game was released at very close range in front of the “hunters” (who were mostly helped by massive ingestion of strong liquor !)

At least, this is what Kekkonen said… (as an old-fashioned Finn, he had no special compassion for these Russian fantasies!)…

That’s all what I can say, but the round here pictured seems legitimate to me.

In the same area of short stories, General Francisco Franco Bahamonde, from Spain, even suffering a hard Parkinson disease, still had a strong attraction for hunting…that he practised regularily sitting down in an armchair, pheasants being released just in front of him… Then he said “Poum Poum” (!) and one of the attendants gave him a loaded shotgun , so he could fire at the game…(this is authentic, not a fairy tale…)



My father was actually invited to those Party hunting parties (sounds funny) several times. All I remember is him bringing moose meat and legs with hooves. The musk smell was magical to my nose. I don’t think I can shoot an animal which smells like that. I remember him saying that they were placed in a line with guns and game wardens (probably KGB) went into forrest, made a lot of noise and scared animals into the open where they were shot (animals, I mean, maybe if animals did not come out, someone else got shot). I’ll post extra info if more will be available after I talk to my father.

Great info. Thanks to all.

You are obviously well read. If you want to know more about those wild drinking Russian hunting parties, you may want to read my father’s first hand rather humourous account in his book called “Russian Doctor” on p.183. If anyone wants to read it, I may loan my extra copy.

Well, Sksvlad!

It should be a pleasure, as being myself an MD!

And quite found about former USSR stories. Let me know what I have to do, and thanks a lot, anyway!