Soviet SS23 missile fragment display?

I wonder how many of these little OTR-23 Oka display pieces were made up, or if it was a one-off that somebody had done custom? I also wonder if there was a small industry of mounting this scrap and selling them everywhere or if it really was just a few guys who ever had access to the scrap and one inspector took a piece here & there?


Could be almost anything. There were a number of SS-21s and SS-23s in the Czech Republic that were destroyed around 2005-2008, once the treaty compliance portions were demilitarized the remains were available from the government offices at scrap metal prices. They were initially offered fully assembled, but shipping was a significant expense. I assisted a friend (MTM) in getting a couple of Large truckloads (capital L) of other materials out, but before deals could be made on the missiles the process was turned over to a commercial agency and the price quadrupled, so the missiles never made it.

$200 ???