Soviet tank flame gun igniter cartridge


This strage cartridge was described as a starter for a flame gun on a tank. Does anyone know for sure?

Brass with steel mouth closure. headstamp: 49-43 184K


Exact Dimensions? This reminds me of the British 3" Aircraft starter cartridges.

  • @ CSAEOD: Those markings look Russian all right: lot number [49], two digit date of manufacture [43] followed by the Cyrillic letter “G”, maker’s code [184 - Zelenodolsk] and quality control mark [K]. Liviu 07/27/07


It is Soviet but what is it ?


It is flame thrower igniter. Used in tank flame throwers. I know that the OT-26 tank - a flamed variant of the T-26 combat tank used this igniter.


Thank you. Is there any documentation about the tank or gun available ?


There were several flame tanks use in WW2 by the Soviet Union. How do we know that this shell was used by the OT26 ?


It is possible that this was my mistake about OT-26… sorry. I believe that it is an igniter for the ATO-41 tank flame thrower, which were used on T-O34 (also known as OT-34) tanks and on some variatrions of heavy KV tanks.
See this pages: … 43077f3a4a … 43&lang=ru


Thank you for the interesting links. I still see nothing about the weapon and how it works. Have you ever seen this information ?


Primer variations.

Reload markings-headstamp cancelations

These images are from the Russian site referenced above.


I do not know who changed the title of this post but please do not post unsubstantiated information next to my name. If you want to post such information do it next to your own name. This shell has not been identified. The Soviets used several types of flame guns and thus far none have been firmly identified to use a specific cartridge. This is what we hope to do but posting an identification BEFORE facts are established does no good.

If you want to offer an identification use your own name. I prefer to make my own mistakes. Thank you.

Furthermore, this is not a Russian cartridge. It is a Soviet cartridge manufactured under the Soviet Union for the Soviet Army. Would you call a 30-06 made at Frankford Arsenal a Pennsylvania cartridge?

A professional and technical site needs to attend to such stuff.


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I have changed the title again to reflect which is actually known.