Soviet Tokarev question

I picked up a box of 100 of these labeled “Nambu” in Syracuse. I discovered that they are Tokarevs after measuring them. Do these stars and triangles have a meaning?

There is some debate on the meaning of the symbols, but if there is any, nobody knows what it is.
I hope you didn’t pay a Nambu price for them.

Vlad, as discussed here somewhen before the Russian ammunition industry is designating these as “technological signs”. Means they identify some production process or the like. So far no explanation has been found - if there is one that applied to all manufacturers.

Jon, $24 for 100 unfired.

Lots better than Nambu prices!

You guys are laughing about Nambu cartridge prices. The first cartridges I bought were a penny per WW-2 surplus. Out of 100 rounds had 85 misfires! Have been stuffing my own since the 70’s.
My first shot cost over $100 by the time I purchased a case forming die, Hensley-Gibbs mold and loading die set. What is the going price for collectors now?


Actually a pretty common round, but they usually bring about $3.