Soviet usage of .45ACP in WWII

I just came from a gun show where I talked to a gentleman who used to back-import Thompson SMG’s from Ukraine to the States. He said that US lend-leased around 124,000 (or 128,000?) TSMG to the Soviet Union during WWII. Did the Soviets also make ammo for these guns? If yes, may I see a headstamp?

The only known Soviet production of .45 ACP was in the late 1920’s to early 1930’s when they were looking for a new pistol cartridge (which became the 7.62x25 as we now).
The cases have no hs.

Does anyone have one of the Russian .45 ACP rounds with no headstamp, made in the 1930s, so that we can get a picture of the cartridge in profile and the head? This is the first I have ever heard of ANY Russian-made .45 ACP round.

I do know that many of the U.S. Arms sent to Russia during WWII were never used. A few years ago, I believe in Estonia, they destroyed hundreds of brand new U.S. Model 1911A1 pistols that were sent to Russia, and ended up being stored in Estonia (or where this gross act of government vandalism took place, which I am almost sure was in Estonia). They also destroyed hundreds of Makarov PM pistols that appeared in photos to be brand new, right down to the spare magazine still attached by string to the lanyard loop of their pistols.

I do not think Estonia is a particularly rich country and I think of the dollars these guns would have brought on legitimate collector markets that could have gone to improving a school, or building a hospital, or some such project. It is enough to make one ill. Total insantiy inspired by the Blighted Nations - oops, sorry, I made a bad typo, I meant of course, the United Nations.

John, the destruction event you described I think also in cluded TT pistols and quite a part of the Makarovs came from Germany and the TTs also. Germany shipped them there to get them destroyed as real dogooders do. I just do not understand what they coud not do that in Germany. Maybe a new way to finance the EU and our allies (as long as we pay).

I have a corroded and damaged Soviet case. If noone comes up with images of a good one I will take photos and post them.

Yes - you are right. There were Tokarev TT-33 Pistols as well, and the appeared brand new, even though they had the earlier type of slide grasping-grooves. Sickening!

DDR made own ammo for the TT pistol, but did they also make the pistol itself?


I have never seen or heard of any DDR production of a TT pistol, or any pistol chambered in 7.62x25. Did they manufacture an PPSH or PPS sub machine-guns?

I’ve read that some H&R Reising M-50 SMGs in .45 ACP were given to the Soviets under lend-lease. I wonder what happened to them?

I saw one in Afghanistan, so maybe it was one of those the Soviets supplied later to it’s allies within Afghanistan.