Space Zoo & Museum, N.J


This is one museum none of you will ever see.
It has a cool history. In 1927 the Space family (Space is the last name) settled in Sussex County,NJ. Father had a gas station and a car repair shop, mother ran a general grocery store. Father was trapping animals and keeping them in cages so his kids and customers may look at them (beginning of the zoo half). When the Great Depression hit, locals brought their antiques in lieu of money to get food. They never came back to reclaim the items. All these thousands of old things including cars, motorcycles and tractors were tagged and arranged in barns in hope that the owners would return for their things. That is the museum half. It actually has one of the best old hunting gun collections I know. And here are the photos.



Hello sksvlad,
Thanks for the pictures;
Interesting museum due to the variety of the things shown.

You look like to visit a lot of different places (museum and so on) and furthermore with your children.
It is a way of life not very often seing. I appreciate people like you.
Most of the people prefer to stay in front of their TV set and let their children make their own life.

Did you try to swap things with the people of the museum ??
About me, I always try and sometimes it is possible.



Sorry, none of things are for sale, I’m pretty certain. But here is the main WC entrance.


I wonder how many complaints the museum has had about that Native American basket?

(Even though the swastika is backwards and was used by Native Americans a long time before more notorious users).