Spam can ammo

I looked on the internet w/o success…

A sealed metal can with metal key to open it…

240 cartridges
cal .30 ball m2
8 rd clips
lot R.A.

Any info including what $$ it would be sold for??

Made by Remington Arms co. I have no idea of the value.

I would think the value would be very dependent on when the ammo was made. Older corrosive ammunition - cheaper. Newer, non-corrosive ammunition - more expensive. No idea of price, but it also would seem to me that this is “shootin’ sutff.”

Thanks… I did find an article saying the only way to tell the year is to open the can and check the headstamps. I don’t really want to do that… I kind of like the idea of a sealed can…

After R.A. it’s all scratched up… I guess that’s were another code was supposed to be that could possibly tell me what year it was.

The ammo will be corrosive, and will likely date to WWII.
The ammo is worth about 25 cents per round today, so the value of the sealed spam can is in the $60 to $65 range.
CMP is selling 480 round cans of non-corrosive 30-06 on Garand clips for $125 (26 cents per round).

What is the lot number?
LOT RA ______
I may be able to help date it from that, or at least confirm if it is corrosive or not.

John - he mentioned that after the RA the “marks” (lot number, of course) were all “scratched up.” Probably the lot number was eradicated.

Right, it’s all scratched up and I can’t get any idea of what was there…

I paid $40 for the can… just thought it was interesting to have…

If I get tired of it… maybe I’ll open it and sell off the bandoleers and clips to get the $$ back.