Spam Email from IAA

Anyone else getting spam email that appears to come from IAA members? I got 3 or 4 about 2 weeks ago but none since. They appear to be from well known IAA members but I did not open them because the subject line looked fishy to me, and there is no reason any of them would have occasion to email little old me. The “cc” line has a lot of email addresses, several of which are also IAA members whose names I recognized. I have no way of knowing if the addresses were lifted from the IAA directory or from the Forum.


We have been using a new email program (Mailchimp) for getting the E-journal out. This looks different, but I haven’t heard any complaints, and the subject line should just refer to the journal. If it is something else, then some program might have scooped up some emails from the forum since many members have their email listed under the “email” button on their profile? I haven’t seen any of these spam emails yet.

It could be that an individual member was hacked, and messages are being spoofed using his e-mail address book.

The last Digital Journal I received was an attachment to an email form that I did not recognize at all, and thought was spam. After investigating it with some members, I opened it and it was, as “advertised,” simply my digital Journal.

DO NOT TAKE THIS TO MEAN THAT I AM RECOMMENDING OPENING ANY EMAIL FROM ANYONE THAT YOU DON’T RECOGNIZE AND ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH. I am simply recounting my recent experience with what I had thought was Spam under the IAA name.


I went through the same hesitation on my last E-Journal but soon figured it out. The spam I received had a subject line that said something like "Look At This" and the body of the email said "Have you seen this?, followed by a link to a site.

I wish now I would have noted the email addresses that I recognized on the “CC” line. I could have contacted them to see if they really got the same email.


Yes I have been getting a lot of spam emails like the ones you describe for a while now. All are from people I know (at least they are made to look that way). Yes some but not all of them are from what appears to be IAA members. I have gotten enough of them now that I don’t even hesitate to delete them.