Spanish .303 with Green and black tip

I am trying to sort out a few cartridges I cant identify but I am having a nightmare with my camera and computer, please can anyone help with this cartridge -

.303 Spanish production with Green and Black tip colouring, I have the same headstamp with just green, Tracer and plain, Ball
Headstamp is S 7.7 58

thank you for any help


If this is one of the cartridges you had from me Rich this is just a tracer. If I remember correctly it is as if the tip has been double-dipped with green lacquer…the second coat appearing really dark and almost black. I posted the same question here on the forum some years ago and one of the Spanish experts confirmed it to be a tracer.

No I have the one I got from you already in my collection, that is the tracer I mentioned in the post. This has a Black on Green tip, it is inert with a hole drilled in the side. I am not sure where it came from, I think it is an AP but the bullet is empty as well, I am not sure if AP, API or APT. I cant find anything on the internet about this colouring on a Spanish .303


If you can get a photo of the bullet and email it to me I will post it on here for you.

I’ve just had a look in Scranton’s book on colour codes and there isn’t anything under .303 with black over green. Nothing under purple over green either. This entry matches the HS but shows a green primer. Does the round Jim refers to have a green primer?

Probably not much help.

No I checked there first :-)
This is the Tracer round I have that I got from Jim, this one has a black over green tip


Best I can do at moment, camera and computer problems


Yes, mine does have an all green primer.

My Ball, Tracer and this round have green primer seals


This head stamp is listed at # EE0014 .303 British

Yes its not the headstamp I am questioning its the tip colouring I cant find info on.


I have the same cartridge and it is a normal tracer with double dipped green color.
303 sp
There are similar ones in 7.92x57.

Many thanks

Note that the Spanish .303 cartridge has the relief cut at the bottom of the case body where it joins the rim. This is uncommon on European made rimmed cartridges and is the earliest dated example of such I’ve seen. Possible this was produced on North American tooling? Jack