Spanish .44 S&W Russian ammunition

This is a box for 25 cartridges in 11mm caliber, for the regulation M.1884 model revolver. The gun was an Orbea Hermanos copy of the Smith & Wesson No. 3 “Russian” model.
Cartridges in this box (M.1915) haver solid heads, brass cases, copper (or gilding metal) primers and lead bullets. Fil. 41 flake powder. No headstamp. Older cartridges with folded head are known.

P.M. Sevilla stands for Pirotecnia Militar de Sevilla.

Schneider - another nice box. I have one very similar for the so-called 9mm Campo-Giro cartridge, a round I personally do not think exists by that name, and I think a misunderstanding of the label, which simply says in Spanish “9mm FOR Campo-Giro pistols,” and NOT “9mm Campo Giro.”

The Spanish boxes of that era are nicely printed and very sturdy in construction.

  • Around the year 1900, the Romanians ordered some Spanish made S & W revolvers in .44 Russian caliber (0.44-inch = 11.1mm). I’m not familiar with these cartridges. —> QUESTIONS: => 1) Could the 11mm rimmed cartridges [from the Schneider’s box] be fired by the revolvers ordered by the Romanians in 1900 ??? => 2) What is the shell case length [11 X ?R] of the 11mm cartridges [from the Schneider’s box] ??? Thanks in advance for any help, Liviu 07/25/09

Perhaps I am mistaken, but I always thought the 11mm Spanish and .44 Russian were essentially the same round.