Spanish 7.62mm NATO cartridges


Can anybody help with identifying these three Spanish 7.62mm cartridges, ideally with their designations if possible?
As far as I can establish the extended-case round is a blank, the red plastic round is some sort of ‘anti-riot projector’, and the short-cased round is a grenade cartridge. Any more info would be appreciated.



The first is launching rifle grenades “INSTALAZA” for CETME models A, B & C , the color of the wax indicates projection load.

The secors is a ORAMIL launching smoke grenades, launching Rubber balls to police charges or simply a blanck cartridge.

The third is a blanck cartridge.

I hope I’ve helped.


Davrib, thank you for your help although I’m still not too sure about the short-cased round; describe it as a grenade cartridge intended for the Spanish Navy. Thank you anyway.