Spanish 7.92mm bulleted blanks

Is there a reason why these two Spanish blanks have different coloured bullets? Is it that one is intended for rifles whilst the other is for automatic weapons perhaps? If they do have different roles do they have different designations?

The color of the bullets has no meaning.
They exist in red, black, blue and nature.

Thank you Rigby.

The first greetings to all of you. Its my first post.
I am sorry for my bad english.
I think it’s a recharge.
It may be done in Belgium or Germany.
There aren’t Spanish black wood bullets or wood natural colour bullets in 7,92x57. Black Spanish bullets in 7,92x57 are made by bakelita.
I send you Photos from my spanish 7,92X57

If someone need some help about 7,92X57 i send him all he need.

Regards Pedro

Hi Pedro. Welcome to the IAA forum and thank you for your useful post. Please do not apologise for your excellent English!
I think you refer to the red bulleted blank as being a recharge or reload and I suspect you are probably correct, I have just noticed the unusual marks on the case neck and this looks to me that this was originally a crimped blank which has been fired and then reloaded with a wooden bullet.
I see that you also have two red-bulleted blanks…do they also have the same knurled ring around the case just above the extractor groove?

Hi Jim.
The 7,92x57 Spanish cartridges with wooden bullet do not have these marks.

I remember having a 7.92x57 made in Belgium with wooden bullet and the case its from Irán.And this cartridge has the same marks in case. You can see it in (7,92x57-fogueo inerte-KAA0628)

Regards Pedro

I think your cartridge was earlier like this that I put in the picture. Its a bad image but you can see the type of cartridge, and it has the same headstamp
I am sure your cartridge its a recharge made out of Spain.


Hello, I agree with the information provided by Pedro.

This round

I have in my collection, as reloaded in Belgium.


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I have a German bulleted blank with two sets of rilling in my collection,which would indicate it has been reloaded twice


Thank you all for your advice. :-)

Guys, truly there are differencies between. I do not know as Spanish, but in Czechoslovakia it was like that:

Blue wood, purple wood.
One is for vz.24 rifles
One is for zb 37 and zb 26 machineguns, able to shoot without modification needed.

It may well worth to notice that the German company Huck of Nuremberg made lots of 7.9 blanks with wooden projectiles (and other types) using plenty of reloaded brass from all over the world including Iranian ones and also Spanish ones should be no surprise here.

I am sure the 7.9mm and Huck experts can come up with details.