Spanish 7.9mm headstamps over stamped on Greek cases


I have always thought that the Spanish 7.9mm FNP headstamps that were over stamped on Greek E K marked cases were interesting.

I finally found me a couple of examples at SLICS, a M1936 Ball (408.4 grains/26.2 grams) and a M1945 Dummy (234.1 grains/15.17 grams).


I assume that these are salvaged and reprocessed cartridges of WWII era. Did they also reload steel, or at least try to do that?


It’s interesting that both your cases are restamped at the same attitude/angle. I wonder if there’s any significance to that?


I don’t know if they overstamped reprocessed cases or if they were new emptys.

MUNICION.ORG shows a couple of these headstamps where the overstamp was applied at different angles.

In my experience Spanish 7.9mm steel cased rounds are pretty scarce items. I only have one (F N T 1953) and know of another heastamp (F N T 1955 – Tracer). Both of them are loadings made from new cases.


Vlad - Being in Spain, the cases are probably not from the WWII era, but rather left over salvage and components from the Spanish Civil War.

Phil - there is also a Spanish unheadstamped steel case ball round. I have one in my Spanish collection of 7.9.


John – is the unheadstamped steel cased round attributable to Spain just by looking at it?


Phil - Don’t know how to answer that. I guess the short form answer is “No.” However, it is not quite like any other steel case round the collection I had. So, without knowing it is Spanish, I could not attribute it to any country by look. It would be an unknown to me in that instance. I have had other steel-case rounds with no headstamp, including German with the steel primer and blue seal, and German CWS type s.S. with no headstamp. Nothing like those, for sure. The round came out of Spain for me, so I have no reason to doubt its national origin.