Spanish 7x57mm "PS 1920" ammo on chargers

I picked 3 of these together loose off a gun show table, reasoning that they came from the same lost box. At home I realized that 2 of the chargers had brass body and steel spring and 1 had a reverse, steel body and brass spring. All ammo is “PS 1920”. All chargers are marked “T” in circle (Toledo?). Was it normal to have such interchangability assuming they came from the same box?

The Spanish Artillery Service was well integrated, and cross-supplied
cases and clips as required.
T is the Arsenal at Toledo, PS is the Pirotecnia de Sevilla.
Ihave seen a “draw set” of the clip
Brass Body and Steel Spring, , from a IAA download of a technical manual from early 1900s.
Doc AV

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This ammo was available in large quantity on the MILSURP market some years ago, perhaps 25 or more. We had some at our store. Despite its age, it fired o.k. We had a couple of minor complaints - really more simple notifications - from customers about a very small number of misfires, but we simply gave any customer who had that problem another couple of clips of it at no charge. I don’t recall if it was in boxes or not, but it was a uniform shipment - all PS 20 headstamp and all on Spanish-mad clips.

John Moss

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