Spanish Civil War Ammunition & Ordnance Photos Apparenty for Propaganda Purposes


A series of ammunition and ordnance photos, recently discussed on one of the forums, from the Spanish Civil War that apparently were intended to be used for propaganda purposes.

Link to the page:

Links to the 2 sets of photographs:

Below are some of the photographs, some of which I have added text in red and some have had the contrast -brightness adjusted. Some of the photographs had information written on the back, in which case I have included the image of the back of the photograph.

Information on the back, which I believe implies the bullets are "explosive"

Related photos

Back of photo, again implying the bullet is "explosive"

French 8mm Lebel

Back of photo

37mm rounds on a clip

Back of the photo, the information indicates these are “5cm” (50mm) rounds from North America

The 37mm rounds on a clip plus 2 different Russian 45x310mmR rounds

8mm Lebel from Western Cartridge Co. in boxes in shipping crate

Information on the back of the photo

Slightly enlarged view

Enlarged view of the crates

7x57mm (?) with split bullet

Ammunition crate from Mexico

Information on back of photo

Information on back of photo

Enlarged view

Enlarged view, most of the labels I believe say "CARTOUCHES 7 m/m S"

Information on back of the photo, appears to list these as Russian 7.44cm(?)

Translations, corrections, comments are most welcomed.



Really cool Stuff ! THANKS Brian


Fascinating stuff! The aviation buff in me was particularly interested in the data plate from Klimov M100 engine number 585, accepted on 13 August 1936. This engine was most likely fitted to a Tupolev SB bomber that was shot down or otherwise came to grief over Nationalist territory early in the war. Jack


Brian thanks a lot!

Is that one image showing 1pdr US Navy cartridges on a clip???


“Explosive” as used in some of the photos might be better translated as “expanding” or the uninformed news media “Dum-Dum” bullets.


Hi Alex, this clip was used in a Browning 37 mm aircraft gun purchased by Spain before the war.




Fede, this sounds interesting! Is there more info on the gun and a designation maybe?
And which aircraft was the gun used in?


Alex, forget my previous post; it is a clip of 1 Pdr (37x137R) cartridges for the McClean gun made by PEMCo. These were WW1 Russian contract guns later sold to Spain.




Here is an image of the clip and gun feed:



Ah, good! I thought already about tne McLean and wondered what aircraft gun that could have been.
First time is see a McLean clip!

I think Finland kept some of these guns in 1917.


These boxes contain unheadstamped cartridges with CNCS jacketed bullet and black primer sealant. There is also a companion French language box in 7.9x57 with cartridges headstamped “DWM L J L” and chargers marked “A37”.