Spanish shotshell head-stamp ID


Which Spanish company made the white plastic cased 12 bore baton (2 rubber ball) cartridges for the South African Police Service?
The headstamp was 12 P 12 P


Why do you say this was a Spanish shell and do you have a photo?


The source which states the SAPS baton rounds were Spanish made is the following news report;

This is the relevant quote from the news report “National Cartridge Company’s directors, said in a joint statement that the Spanish manufacturers of the cartridges had supplied the National Cartridge Company with an “incorrect product” - the “over-run” batch of cartridges produced for the SAPS in 2011.”

In addition, the ‘CARTRIDGE 12 BORE, BATON’ ‘SAPS’ boxes have CONTROL DE MUNICION printed on them.

Here is a photo of the head-stamp and an empty box.


Still looking for info.



The manufacturer is UEE Cartuchería Deportiva, S.A., which in 2006 was renamed Maxam Outodoors, S.A.




Thank you Fede.