Speaking of odd boxes

Can anyone provide any details on this one? Sorry about the blurry photo. 30-06 cases with a LC 78 NM Headstamp

Edit cause I forgot the photo (opps)

I know it well those are components that were distrubited through the old DCM program , they were also used by marksmanship units to assemble their own match ammunition. When I shot service rifle in the Army we used to load a lot of our own ammunition out of those components . Those cases are the same ones that M72 Match ammuniton was made from at LC and FA Arsenal. In fact I am still shooting a good bit of that brass in my M1. I think most of mine is 57 and 63 vintage. My 7.62 Match is all dated 64 and 67.

Nice to see those components like that new. You do not run across that very often. If you can find a box of the 173 grain component bullets that would be a nice complement to those never loaded cases.