Special Headstamped Ammo for IPSC Match

In 2004 the ISPC apparently made a new rule that allowed competitors in the World Shoot (occurs every three years) to use official match ammunition. This was necessary because the Limit on transport of ammunition in checked baggage did not allow competitors to carry sufficient ammunition. This Match ammunition has only been provided for WS (World Shoot) XIV in Ecuador in 2006 and WS XV in Bali in 2008. In both cases the ammunition was made by Armscorp. In WS XV this ammunition had a unique headstamp. The WS XV instructions state:

“In order to qualify for Section 5.8 of the IPSC rulebook, competitors must order a minimum of 600 rounds, collect them from the shooting range, and use those rounds exclusively during the match. You must retain your receipt and produce it on demand of any match official.”

At WS XV, the ammunition was available in 9x19mm, 38 Super, 38 Super Comp and 40 S&W. An example of the 9x19mm headstamp is illustrated below. As far as I can tell, this is the only ammunition made specifically for a particular IPSC event.

Has anyone else seen pistol ammunition headstamped to identify it to a specific match???

The white printing appears to tie in with the thread on MAGNUS 9x19 ammo. That doesn’t answer you question but it does seem relevent regarding the origins of the cases and will bring the thread back up to the top of the list for somebody else to hopefully have a go at answering for you.



The white in the letters is chalk I put in to photograph them for my 9mm Headstamp guide that is printed in black & white and I use white in the letters to make them stand out. Nothing to be read into the white in the letters.


Just ran across these images. The logo is the standard IPSC logo. I don’t know whatr V over DC means but it isn’t the designation of a particular match. This box is in the Woodin Lab collection and it says “Rec Feb 2008” so that date would make it the box for the ammo from World Shoot XV. Lovely box!

It is actually DVC, the essential elements for the foundation of IPSC

DVC = Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas (Accuracy, Power, Speed)

Interesting. Do you know if it was a 9mm Major or Minor load?
I don’t recall the required figures but 9mm Major was a hot load with higher scoring for equivalent hits.

Here is SNAIL ipsc load. Hst is SNAIL 9mm LUGER.

The Armscorp ammo for World Shoot XV (and for WS XIV - first use-not specially marked as far as I can tell) is considered “Minor” even if it doesn’t really meet that requirement. That is what I’m told.

Have never heard of Snail IPSC loads. Do they have a special headstamp???

Any idea what match they were made for?



I think that those IPSC SNAIL ammos are coming for normal sale in future.

Fiocchi of Italy also loaded the 9 x 21 IMI , the 45 ACP/HP and the 40 S&W according to achieve minor or major power factor .This was intended for IPSC competitions , where the major PF is required

I have seen the moniker minor or major written on the “red boxes” , the old style boxes by Fiocchi with the picture of the cartridge , and on the older grey boxes.Never seen those marks on the “green boxes” ( leadless) or on the “purple boxes” ( lead bullet)

Headstamp is the classic " G.F.L. plus caliber"

The website for Snail has some intersting rounds, snailteam.cz/

If memory serves, “DVC” is a logo/motto often associated with IPSC (it’s been many years since I shot an IPSC match).

It stands for the (Latin?) “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas”…‘accuracy, power, speed’. It comes from an old quote about military archers–can’t recall the author. He states that “in archery we have three goals—to shoot with accuracy, power and speed”.

Jeff Cooper

Guys - please post pictures on the Forum itself. Some of us can’t view the remote pictures, either through lack of software or, probably in my case, being computer ignorant.

Hammer- can you please offer some explanation of what you are speaking of other than simply “Jeff Cooper,” which in absence of the picture, tells us precisely nothing. I know of a "COOPER: headstamp dedicated to Jeff Cooper, but it had nothing to do with IPSC or any other specific shooting sport. It was a group of cartridge cases made by Midway Arms commemorating three (?) well-known figures from the American Shooting Franternity, Elmer Keith, Bill Jordan and Jeff Cooper:

.45 Auto - COOPER
.357 Mag - JORDAN
.44 Mag - KEITH

What caliber is the cartridge with “JEFF COOPER” headstamp?

“DVC” - Nothing to do with Jeff Cooper?
Jeff Cooper - Nothing to do with IPSC?

Hammer - firstly, Jeff Cooper had little to do with IPSC AS IT IS PRACTICED TODAY, even though he was heavily involved in the founding of the “combat pistolcraft” sports. He generally was not in favor of the type of equipment - guns, holsters, magazine pouches - that are used by most IPSC participants. IDPA was more his game. Secondly, where did I question if DVC had anything to do with Cooper or not?

You intimated that there was, and perhaps showed in a format I couldn’t open, a headstamp that you said was “Jeff Cooper.” No specifics were given - caliber, maker, etc.

The topic in question was special headstamps made for specific IPSC events - that is the basis of the question that Lew asked. The .45 Cartridge with “COOPER” headstamp (“JEFF” is not on the headstamp of the round to which I am referring), if that is what you referred to along with the remotely-located picture, was not made for any specific IPSC event of which I am aware. It was made, along with the ones mentioned, as well as another group of cases with “TEXAS” headstamp, and some headstamps such as John, Bill, Bob, etc. that also appeared on brass only, for Midway Arms (over a period of time), primarily in my opinion as a sales gimmick. It was for reloaders. It is, of course, even possible that some shooters shot cartridges reloaded by themselves in matchs, IPSC and otherwise, but that still is beyond the question.

Why not clarify your original posting by putting the picture on the forum, and supplying whatever other documented information you have about the headstamp - it may be we are not even talking about the same cartridge headstamp, which was the major point I made - the fact that for some of us, your cryptic comment was indecipherable, not through your fault, but simply because to understand it you would have to be able to see the picture.

John Moss

John, there is no headstamp pic in my messages about Jeff Cooper.
I only answered to this post:

[quote=“Mwinter”]If memory serves, “DVC” is a logo/motto often associated with IPSC (it’s been many years since I shot an IPSC match).

It stands for the (Latin?) “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas”…‘accuracy, power, speed’. It comes from an old quote about military archers–can’t recall the author. He states that “in archery we have three goals—to shoot with accuracy, power and speed”.[/quote]

Hammer - Sorry. Your initial entry has, on my screen, a framed box with a small box with red dot in the upper left corner, which says {image). I assumed that there was a remote image of a headstamp that said “Jeff Cooper” since there was no other information in the post except that name.

My mistake.

John Moss

Picture of the “Snail 9 mm Luger for IPSC” made by PS: