Special Lovell Photo Request


This is a special request for Ray “Wildcat” Meketa…

It doesn’t involve artillery or nuclear fission.

I recently dug out a Lovell variety I’ve had for many years in an effort to match to one of the many varieties Ray had posted in photos on the subject. Sadly, it was one of many photos of Ray’s that Photobucket had decided to chuck it. I would be most thankful if a repost could be done to assist my ID of this round. In exchange, I will promise to locate a recent photo of Mary Lou Ohm…




Pic deleted by me. Just wanted you to see her “after” picture.



I’ll be glad to do it. I have always wondered what Mary Lou grew up to look like. Ohm is an old German family name and German women are usually really purty. Just ask EOD and Dutch.

It will take me a while. I have to dig thru my photos. I think I have at least 2. And there are some Lovell cartridges that may not be in either of them.

Stand By.




That’s not her. Mary Lou didn’t have that many teeth.



Here’s two that I found. If you don’t see it here, let me know.




Thanks for the re-post. I think my example is the .22-3000 Lovell. Your top photo is amazingly close to actual scale and except for mine having a slightly less defined shoulder, it is a good match. Interesting to note that it is loaded with a FMJ bullet with a tiny flat point. Trapper or camp meat load I suppose…


Thank you for editing your earlier post. I will be sending you the repair bill for my monitor. It began shaking violently, ejected a foul smelling smoke and flashed a “FATAL ERROR” message briefly before going completely black. I’m sure Ray’s May Lou would not have caused such extensive damage…




The original 22-3000 Lovell had a 5 degree shoulder which is very hard to measure. If yours appears to be even less defined it could be that some wildcatter had a reamer ground with a 4 degree or less. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen such a cartridge but when shoulder angles get that small they are difficult to recognize and I may have seen one and not know it.

Either way, an original Lovell is a nice wildcat to have because most everyone went to the more improved versions and most that you find will be one of them.

What is the headstamp of yours?

That FMJ could be a Hornet bullet, maybe even the one used in the military survival round?

I thought Rick should have left the photo. We don’t often get to look at those pretty Arkansaw women. Except for Hillary, that is.




The headstamp is W.R.A.CO. .25 - 20. The bullet is not the same as any of the 35 gr. Hornet bullets I’ve seen as this one has a more rounded ogive.
The shoulder angle is pretty much the same as in your picture, just the transition from body to shoulder doesn’t have such a pronounced begining.

If interested, I’ll try to post a picture. Haven’t tried posting anything but my catoon drawings before, but it’s bound to happen sometime. Thanks again for the pics.




That headstamp would make it one of the early ones. The supply of 25-20 SS cases dried up pretty fast so Griffen & Howe had Winchester make a run of brass and most later wildcats will have their headstamp (G&H 22-3000). Even later, custom handloader J. Bushnell Smith had his own brass made with his headstamp (JB SMITH 2R). He sold a lot of ammo until he blew hisself up.