Special purpose ammunition

I know at least one guy who will read this article (long live GBP) https://nationalinterest.org/blog/reboot/dum-dums-darts-and-mini-rockets-five-deadliest-things-fired-out-gun-163695

With the first image shown there I doubt it is worth to read…


Pepper will be quick to point out that the opening picture is of a group of WW I-era flechettes that were dropped onto troops below from aircraft, not fired from guns.

I will point out that the section on 13mm Gyrojets does actually have a couple of correct statements mixed in with the typical BS (rocket boosters, etc.). One is that the 13mm Gyrojet has a “width” of over half an inch. The 13mm Gyrojet’s “width” (a.k.a. diameter) is 0.51 inch.

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Well I got to the 3rd paragraph with the Dum-Dum bullets having an X cut in the nose. What a bunch of drivel & nonsense.

Excellent in one area. As an example of an article composed totally from any & everything without any fact checking.

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Pete, that’s EXACTLY the reason I’ve posted it. Gives you an idea of how the public may be fed “fake news”. The same applies to medical news/regulations, especially recently, when these new rules are promulgated by lawyers, with no medical/biological education.

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Too much, for the firsts “Bon” arrows, French Army Air Force in ww1 has asolutly guilty :-) for the rest, impressive, we have the same “bullshit” at home … It’s mondial problem …

Bsrg, Dan

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