Special Swiss 7,5x55 box


I added this Swiss box of 7,5x55 cartridges to my collection.
This box was offered at the last production run in the factory.

MFT 1911 - 1994 ENDE

ammunition Factory Thun
first made in 1911
last made in 1994
finish the production(ende)


Gyrojet - What a great box. Thanks for posting the picture. It is truly an important box. If I found one, I would keep it, and I don’t even collect that caliber! :-0 (mouth wide-open in amazement!)

Seriously, talk about an important piece of carboard! Great find.

John Moss


So have you opened it yet !
A great box Harrie, good on ya!


I have not opened the box Pete…(I will never opened it)I think…

best regards