Special tip 9mm unique boxes


I’ve begun expanding out the 9mm part of my collection beyond just the AP pistol stuff in that caliber, and I’m onto the second 100rd box now. I just need to fill up that second box (next SLICS?)… Here’s pics of the 2 boxes for something fun to look at:


THAT is cool. Nice collection.


DK, What is the round 7 down from the top and 5 from the right in the top photo? The one below the THV load and immediately to the left of Al’s Steel rod load. What is the headstamp???




That hollow cavity rd is an American Ballistics “CV2” as far as I know (pure copper projectile). It doesn’t have the black Teflon coating like the one 5 up from it, which is the same except for the coating. I don’t know exactly what the history is, but I know at some point American Ballistics called it the “Grand Slam”, and also the “CV2” ?? The headstamp is: ABT 9MML


DK, A really nice selection. Thanks!