Special Use 303

Hello all. There are two packets of MkVII ball cartridges for sale stamped “Special For PRA Use” and “Special For DRA Use”. Does anyone know what that means and would the headstamp be different than a regular MkVII?


Please disregard. I found it in the archives.


Harvey - how about telling us what the PRA USE and DRA USE mean? I am glad you found your answer in “the archives,” but many of us either have no access or don’t know how to access various archives, and the name of the one you used was not given.

John Moss

I think Harvey is referring to the Archive section on this forum John. However, I like you would like to see the tread that Harvey found because I just did a quick search and came up empty handed.

Try this. I’m not sure I copied the link right but if not the text should work.


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Harvery - thank you. While I sold my .303 collection years ago, my interest in the cartridge is still strong. I appreciate the reply.


DRA Dominion Rifle Association;
PRA Provincial Rifle Association
CIA Chief Inspector of Ammunition

These are typical striped cartridges for Issue to Rifle Clubs in Canada ( 1920s?)

Doc AV