Speeer .45 Colt

I just got a nickeled case .45 Colt loaded with a 250 gr. Gold Dot Hollow Point bullet. The headstamp is “SPEER 45:COLT” I assume the “:” indicates at least the case was made by someone other than Speer. Does anyone know who? Was it also loaded by someone else?

Your cartridge has a case made for Speer by Starline. It was loaded by the Speer Branch of Speer/CCI Operations.

I have three Speer .45 ACP cases.

One has the " : " mark between the “45” and “ACP”

One has no mark and no decimal before the “45”

One has no mark and a decimal before the “45”, but it is even with the middle of the “4”, not at the bottom where a decimal is usualy placed.

Does Speer make any of their own cases?


If a Speer headstamp has no addition marks other than “Speer” and the caliber, the case is made by Speer. If their is a centered dot before the claiber, but obviously not just the usual decimal point, the case is made by Federal.

Speer has made their own cases for a long, long time, but until they put in new machinery some years ago, called Formax (don’t ask me to explain why this machinery is different - I don’t know), they could not make enough for their loading needs. Lately, it seems all the Speer ammo I look at has been loaded at Speer on the Formax process.

John Moss

Aha! Very interesting. Thanks!