Speer 7mm Mauser

I hope someone can tell me about these two headstamps:

The Speer case is from a batch I bought new/unprimed in the 1972-1980 timeframe. I realize that Speer sold SPEER-headstamped DWM-made ammo as early as 1968 and these cases did come in/with yellow hard plastic 20-round slip top box, which I retained. The Speer labels, alas, are long gone, so no lot number. I also remember that the label read “Made in Canada”, which didn’t make sense to me at the time. The Federal case with lower case m’s is probably from the 1960’s but my father stored them in a Remington box/styrofoam tray, presumably because the Montgomery Wards or Sears box they came in, with flimsy folded paperboard tray, fell apart. Anyway, both cases have almost identical weights – 158.0-gr for Speer, 158.4-gr for FC. 2009-vintage FC 7mm Mauser cases average 189.0-gr, and have upper case M’s. Since Federal 9mm Luger cases had the upper case M’s from the beginning, I wondered if this batch of FC 7mm Mauser cases was made by somebody else? Perhaps the same manufacturer as the Speer cases?

The very early Speer DWM brand ammunition offered in 1968 came in almost square cardboard boxes with a styrofoam inlay having three rows of rounds (7-6-7) and the ammunition was either made by IWK in Karlsruhe or NWM in s’Hertogenbosch. Later, as early as March 1969, Speer announced this ammunition line as now being packed in a plastic ammo-pack.

The Speer 7mm Mauser cartridge on the right is one of their latest production using cases made by CIL in Canada and the information available to me indicates that it was still available during 1972.

Thank you, Fede.
Through a quite circuitous route I found this IAA thread:
[“American made” Speer 8x57mm box)
Yes, that’s the box.

In my research on early Federal Cartridge center fire, William Horn indicated to me that when Federal first entered the center fire market in 1963, most if not all of their rifle ammo (brass cases) were made by Dominion in Canada. As time went on they gradually phased in their own production throughout the rest of the 1960s. The
FC 7mm shown is probably one of the Dominion produced rounds.

Interestingly, in the 4th edition of Cartridges of the World, copyright 1980, under 7mm Mauser it lists a 139-gr factory load with a muzzle velocity of 2660fps by both Federal and Imperial, and a 160-gr load by Imperial. In my experience, two companies advertising identical loads/velocities is not likely, and it’s the only place in that edition where two named companies have the same loading. Suggests these two were produced by the same manufacturer. Perhaps previous editions (1st - 1965, 2nd - 1969, 3rd - 1972) have additional identical listing for early calibers made for Federal, which would lend credibility to the idea they were made by just one company. Finally, the 2009 boxes of Federal 7mm Mauser ammo loaded with Speer 140-gr bullets I recently purchased also are rated at 2660fps muzzle velocity.

The velocity listed by CIL in the timeframe in question (1963-72) was 2800/2900 fps for the 139 gr. PSP and 2650 fps for the 160 gr. KKSP. On the other hand, Federal listed 2660/2700/2710 fps for the 139 gr. HS and 2470/2490 fps for the 175 gr. HS. Speer only listed a 145 PSP loading and NUPE cases.