Speer 9mm Luger SOC Gold Dot

Recently I picked up a Speer Gold Dot box marked “9mm LUGER SOC”. The story is that it was a special lot made for Special Operations Command, and probably intended for use by the SEALS. Special Operations Command is specifically authorized by Congress to acquire their own material when they wish.

The rounds are interesting to me because this is the only Speer marked Gold Dot load I have that doesn’t have a nickel plated case (as identified from the box label). Although you probably can’t see it in the photo, the case has a slightly unusual sheen to it (almost silky) which is particularly noticable on the case head and the dark/black primer seal has a real shine like it has been coated with a lacquer. Other than the printing regarding the load on the box end, it looks like a commercial GoldDot box.

Has anyone else seen the product number 55036 on other Speer Gold Dot boxes?

Does anyone know what the story behind these loads is??

Even a guess would be appreciated if it is so labeled.



I have heard that the ‘SOC’ in the round description is “Special Operations Cartridge”, but I can’t say that for a fact.

This round was intended as a waterproof round, which is why it is different than the standard Speer round in the ways you mentioned.

This is just speculation, but I think this round was produced for the SEALS, SOCOM, etc for the MP5 and Mk. 25 Mod. 0.


To the best of knowledge:

The SOC cartridge was originally developed for an OCONUS military special operations force for use in MP5s, and has been marketed to US LE that perform maritime/water enforcement.

My rep at ATK stated that the waterproofing is for dive operations (it has been called “Dive Ammo” in their catalogs) and exceeds the moisture proofing on their standard LE Gold Dot offerings. The original product flyer showed MP5 mags loaded, lying in a fishtank).

When the stuff first came out CONUS (2005?) I got samples from ATK and I think I still have a box. I’ll get the info off the labels/flyers and post it this weekend if it’s worth noting.

The spec for the round I saw was faster by 100+fps than their regular 124gr GDHP, but this may be due to longer test barrel, or maybe just a ‘warmer’ load for the contract spec.

I’ll send emails for more info when I get the chance, but more than likely the cogniscenti here at IAA will have more info before I get a reply.

Lew, FYI I haven’t received any further replies on the Taiwan NPA 9mm; hopefully you found what you were looking for.

9 x 19 is correct; “SOC” stands for “Special Operations cartridge.”

The intended velocity is around 1150 fps, but for reasons I don’t know, since I am not into silencers at all, even the study of them, the rounds go subsonic (around 950 fps) in the MP5SD.

The sealants used on the cartridge are highly effective and this ammunition can withstand underwater pressures to any safe scuba-diving depth without “springing a leak,” that is, without water contamination being a factor.

It is reputed to be very accurate as well. This may be partially due to a non-standard primer. It is not the normal primer used in commercial Gold Dot ammunition.

It is also made to produce less muzzle flash than previous Gold Dot loads, probably thru the choice of propellant used in these rounds.

I was actually surprised and intrigued about the amount of knowledge already shown on this Forum concerning this ammunition. I suppose I should not have been. Lots of good researchers here.

Thanks 9x19, Mwinter and John M!!!

I also got some private feedback from knowledgable sources which ties in very well with what has been published. New bullet and primer seals that give a long term watertight seals to considerable depth (for a diver), Plain brass case instead of nickel is for good adhesion of an overall cartridge sealent which prevents corrosion, even with prolonged exposure to salt water.

Impressive ammo! Thanks to everyone. I was confident that this crew could answer the questions.

M Winter, I recently picked up some GFL cases headstamped NPA from one of the Forum regulars that date later than the Federal NPA rounds, and in Europe found that S&B has a contract for this ammunition (hst: HPA 12) and picked up a couple along with the box in Chinese. I still don’t know how long Federal had the contract, but they competed in 2005 and produced ammo in 2006. By 2008, GFL had the contract so it seems likely that Federal only had the one contract and part or all of it was rejected! Thanks for the help.


The part # on my box is 55036, lot # G04J21. I haven’t found the original flyer, but I recall a 1250fps original listed velocity (at the time I wondered why it didn’t have a +p desig); probably as aforementioned from using a longer (8" MP5) barrel for the test.

The cases definitely have an almost ‘tacky’ feel…not sticky, but the overall sealant is definitely detectable side-by-side with standard brass cases from Speer Lawman stuff.

I haven’t chronied any, but I’m sure the 1150 listed would be from either ATKs 9mm test barrel or a standard service pistol barrel (4-5"). Next time I do testing I’ll try to chronograph this load, and fire some in low light for comparison, since John mentioned it.

Just saw this ammo for sale on Ammo To Go for $34.95/box!



SGAmmo.com has the SOC ammo at $27.95/box ($24.95/box if buying 20+ boxes).

sgammo.com/product/speer/50- … ammo-55036