Speer 9x19 Gold Dot "Reclassified" box?

Since I’ve already learned a lot on the GD SOC box, I decided to try again.

Have this empty box that is identical to the SOC box, except for the end label and the product number on the barcode on the back. It also has a commercial label on the side from “Bullseye Safety Edu. Ctrs.” and a price of $17.

My guess would be that it was excess or substandard LE ammo, perhaps from a special order, that was reclassified for commercial sale! Interesting end label in any case.

Does anyone have any info on this label.




Speer Gold Dot and a few other CCI/Speer law enforcement products (I have boxes of LawMan RHT frangible labeled in the same fashion) that did not meet specs are sold commercially as ‘reclassified’. Federal did the same thing with early lots of 147gr 9mm HST (local gunshop salesman told me it was because the “bullets were too devastating for cops to use” ha!).

You’ll also encounter Gold Dot in bulk packs, no boxes or dividers, 200 to 1,000, under the same labeling scheme. It is sold as practice ammo, and some agencies have purchased large amounts since it’s a good value and replicates the duty ammo well. During a large primer issue/recall (one of the reasons most current Speer LE primers have an ‘A’ on them’) lots of ammo were also taken out of LE product lines and sold as practice ammo.

Per my rep at ATK, there is no acceptable failure rate for internal testing on lots of LE ammo, so if a batch tested under spec prior to contract then this might be another source of the reclassified stuff.