SPEER 9x19 Headstamp with numbers


I came across a fired 9x19 case with the headstamp “SPEER 9x19”. However, at 9 O’Clock there are the numbers “026” written vertically, and at 3 O’Clcok there is “10”. The case is brass witch a nickeled brass boxer primer cap.

Here is a roughtly typed drawing of the HS.


What was the purpose of this headstamp? Thanks for any info.


Hi Falcon
that for France (Police, gendarmerie, customs and prison guards).
Unusual Speer 9x19 headstamp
I’ll post other info soon


Very interesting that the same exact headstamp is found in England and Vermont, USA!



The case actually came from a box I got from the Dutch guys at SLICS. The reason I got the empty box was to comply with the regulations for ammo in checked baggage where rounds cannot be touching each other. There happened to be one empty with this headstamp and the with a Fiocchi headstamp in the box. It is likely that the case actually came from Holland. As 9mm pistols are illegal for almost everyone in the UK, surplus 9mm ammo isn’t sold here as there is no market for it.


Falcon, that is not entirely correct as the Southern Gun Company markets a “lever release” carbine on an AR15 platform that is chambered in 9x19. I think a small market also exists for CFGR -center fire gallery rifle- a form of Bianchi-like COF involving .30 carbine, 9x19 etc etc.

edit: added name


I remember hearing about that “lever release” system, and how the government tried to ban it.

As far as I knew those gallery rifles were in revolver calibres such as .38 Special and .357 Mag, but I have never seen one so don’t know.