Speer bullet board


I’ve just bought a Speer Bullet Board which commemorates 100 years of reloading 1864 - 1964 (so i assume this was made in 1964).

The 38 cal 160 grn bullet is missing, does anyone know what type of bullet it should be/look like ?



The Speer 38 caliber (.357") 160 grain pistol bullet from the 1960s would have been one of the 3/4 jacket soft point. If the board has the 38/146 grain hollow point, or any of the 41 or 44 caliber 3/4 jacket bullets, it would have looked exactly like them (no hollow point).



Here’s a pic that may help. About middle left, bottom .38.



Thanks for the info & help gentlemen. My next question is as I’m unlikely to be able to find one where I live does anyone have a spare 160 gn bullet for sale ?

Any similar bullet would do as I’d like to fill the gap.

I paid


Walter–I would think that was a fairly good price for this board. I would suggest, however, if you replace the bullet that you use the proper one not a similar one as you suggested. Someday someone else will own this board as all of us are only temporary custodians of what we collect, and the next owner might not know you replaced that bullet with the incoreect one. It should not be that difficult to find the correct one. I suggest, besides here, that you post your request on some of the many reloading forums online. They are more likely to have just a bullet than we as cartridge collectors are.


Ron, I’ve replaced the bullet with an incorrect one for now, but on the back I have noted the change (and dated it).