Speer Force on Force 5.56mm

2 pics attached; should have test shots and pulled/spent components in a few days. Speer’s new-ish 5.56x45mm marking cartridge.

Also forthcoming; Gen 2 Speer FoF 9mm pistol marking cartridges; difference in projectile configuration for anyone interested.

I did not know Speer was making these - Appearance is very much like Simunition’s. Wonder if Speer is supplying blowback bolts for AR-type rifles and whatever components are needed for handguns? They wouldn’t sell much of this ammunition otherwise. Would be interesting if they were interchangeable with Simunition’s marking rounds in guns with Simunition components.

Dennis, Speer supplies a FoF AR BCG that I’ll have in a couple weeks; will post pics. From what I’ve seen it looks similar to the SimFX and Winchester SRTA bolt.

The dedicated factory Glock G17T trainer pistols work fine with most SimFX or Speer fodder; some of the SimFX-made conversion kits work best with SimFX cartridges.

The G17Ts don’t run well at all with certain SimFX blanks, only made for the SimFX kits.

The Speer 5.56 FoF is advertised as having a much shorter safe-distance (1ft); some of the SimFX 5.56 has a minimum 10ft or more SD, and that’s only with specific SimFX brand PPE.

As soon as I test the 5.56 FoF stuff I’ll report back with more info.

I recently picked up a mixed-bag lot of what I assume is this same Speer “Force on Force” training ammo. It looks to be range pick-ups due to half of them having struck primers and/or being otherwise filthy. There are several good collection specimens though including several yellow .223, blue .223 and several red & white 9mm. I was also lucky enough to get one green 9mm in the lot. None of these have any headstamp, as is typical for all of these I believe. Are these the same as the Pyrosafe Airmunition paint markers? They look the same.

Some of the cartridges I picked up recently:

The .223’s look almost the same as the Simunition markers except for the aluminum case vs brass case… until you hold them next to each other and the Simunition’s brass case is clearly a bit longer than the Speer aluminum case. The paint projectile is also slightly different.


Yup. All pictured are 5.56 FoF and the recent (2nd Gen) 9mm FoF.

Fired cases are almost always ‘extended’ (the 5.56 really sticks out a ways), so those may be light primer strikes/malfs. Spent FoF cases that have been pushes back in can usually be pulled back out with just a fingernail/coin.

FWIW so far it all works great. I’ve run the 5.56 w/the FoF conversion bolt in a commercial Bushmaster, an old M16A1, and an M4-gery I built with zero problems. Cyclic rate is low – but still fun.