Speer LE .223


I don’t pay much attention to .223 anymore, but I just ran across something new to me. It is SPEER LE Gold-Dot Duty Ammunition in .223 caliber. Bullet is 64 grain Gold Dot SP. Cartridge index is 24448. The case is nickel-plated, as is the primer cup. The bullet is with GM jacket, is semi-spitzer with a small, flat meplat with lead showing there.

Headstamp is SPEER 13 223 REM

The box is black with Gold and White lettering. The insert is black plastic with dividers, but open sides. That is, it is not a box in itself. Out of the cardboard box the cartridges are free to fall away, out of the insert, from the center divider.

This round is in some police use in California now.



That’s been our issued duty round for the last year or 2…cheaper than Federal’s T223 62gr TBBC, and I’d rather be able to give my guys 3 full mags of “pretty good” than 1 box of “best”. It’s also a little more accurate than the TBBC in our tests.

The FBI supposedly ordered something like a million rounds of the 5.56-pressure version of the Speer 64gr GDSP as their latest AR15/M16 issue round.


I have about 30 duplicate empties of 12, 14 and 15. Free, just pay the $3 post.