SPEER To Begin Selling 5.7 x 28mm, SPEER Gold Dot

Speer has announced it will soon be marketing the 5.7 x 28mm cartridge in the Gold Dot 40gr bullet loading. Suggested retail price is $51.95 for a 50rd box. OUCH!!!


OUCH is right!! This cartridge is a pain to reload (for me) due to its very small size, but I can reload for my AR-57s for less than $0.25 (25 cents US) each. They ARE fun to shoot!

i hope a speer headstamp !!!

If it is as good as Speer should make it, as a shooter, (I have an AR57 upper on a AR pistol lower), I might pay $40 a box, which should be about what it seels for over the counter or mail order…
If they do, and I find some, I will be happy to share some of the first box.