Spencer 56-56

Please tell me if this statement is correct: “The designation of 56-56 for the Spencer cartridge denotes the case dimensions, Not the caliber of the bullet. .56-56 are the dimension of the case opening and the dimension at the head just above the rim.”

Correct, .560 inch diameter base above the rim, .560 inch diameter neck. The actual projectile would be roughly .550 inches.

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Dear Tom Fort, Jr. , Thanks for the help. I think that I know you; Do you remember me? Are you the person I visited in Jacksonville? You did the engraving of the Challenge Coin for me. George Bush

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That would be my dad and I, good to hear from you again!

No, Tom, you were the one brave enough to engrave my Challenge Coin. You and I sat together at your computer and designed where the wording would fit on my Challenge Coin. Yes, your Dad was there also, but you did the design for me and the work. I came back the next day and your Dad bought in some of his cartridge collection and I bought some. I was checking my Contacts on my cell phone earlier this year, and your Dad’s number was still there. I called him to make sure I had a good number, and it worked, he answered. He told me that you were closing the shop at the end of the year. Thanks for the information on the 56-56 cartridge. George Bush in Jonesboro,GA.

Retiring after 42 years or so, which means more time for collecting! Keep in touch!