Does anybody know if there’s a book that has been published on strictly all the various Spencer cartridges that have been produced over the years, and if it is still available.

The Book “Spencer Repeating Firearms,” by Roy M. Marcot, published c.1983 by Northwood Heritage Press, of P. O. Box 18395, Irvine, California 92714 and printed by the Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas, has an excellent chapter on the Spencer cartridges - far more ammunition information than you usually find in gun books.

Anyone with a real interest in Spencer ammunition should have this book, as you really can’t divorce the study of the cartridges from that of the firearms that used them.

I do not know if it is still in print or not. If you are an IAA Member, the author is also and is listed in the IAA Roster of Members. You could contact him direct. I do not feel free to publish that information here, as the membership roster it is privileged information for IAA members.

Thank You I’m going to join for 2009

Roy Marcot’s Spencer book has been republished in recent years and should be available from gun book dealers. It is an excellent book!

I think that IAA member Troy L. is probably one of the leading authorities on Spencer ammunition, and maybe he will pop in with a recommendation.

There was a special issue of the cartridge-only pages from Marcot’s book prepared which might of more interest to the cartridge collector. This version appears to be hard to find. JG


If you intend to collect Spencer cartridges get ready for a fun time. I have just a few representative samples and what with the varying dimensions of both cases and bullets it was a challenge to assemble even that small sample.


My husband found the 50 page cartridge book for $95.00 and the whole book on the firearms and cartridges for $65.00.

Carolyn - that shows you how ridiculous the market is. The whole book has all of the pages for the cartridges I found out - there is nothing in the “cartridge book” that is not in the whole book. The entire book has better printing as I recall (my copy of the cartridge one is missing from my library, unfortunately - well, it really doesn’t matter since I have the gun book) than does the cartridge book which is nothing but a reprint of those pages from the gun book, even retaining the original page numbers.

Buy the gun book! It would be worth it even if the prices were reversed. The price for just the cartridge section, by the way, in my opinion is ridiculous. I usually don’t comment on prices, but I will here, and speak with 36 years full time in the retail gun business in a store that sold hundreds of gun books.

It seems many people now treat modern gun books like collector’s items instead of information. That is ridiculous also.