A small collection of Spencers for perusel


‘A small collection,’…outstanding!

Hi Sherryl

Gr-8 Display. I have made a few displays that i may be able to post in the very near future, My question to you is: What is that green material that is separating your Spencer’s? It Adds A Very Nice Touch.

Nice collection! What are the four bottom right dark ones?

They look like the black anodized aluminum commemoratives we made for 4 of the PA Cartridge Collectors shows.

Yes those 4 are commemoratives from the PA cartridge collectors show
and the material used to cover the rotoured plywood is green felt

It’s very nicely done, was the case prefabricated or did you or someone else build it?

In this particular case I got hold of the outside case but I done the
inside I will post others were I done the whole thing

The inserts for the case are very clean and even!

Beautiful, someone spend a lot of time on that display!

Thank you yes making those boards takes a while,but what set me off was the fact I wanted
to see my beloved cartridges and enjoy them to hang them on a wall wich I can do now but
to create those press fits that they do not fall out of their places while being handeled is a
tricky affair.but I picket only the cartridges I most liked I still have dozen of sets that I could
make up to hang but I have boards now left for wich I have no more wall space.

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Impressive set!

Nice display. I especially like how easily it can be modified if you add new cartridges. My Spencer display has 1" diameter images of the headstamps and the cartridges are tied to acid free foam board with fine copper wire. The whole thing is in an anodized aluminum shadow box frame. Looks great but I have about a dozen more to add and am dreading the rework.


Thank you for writing believe me there is no absolut perfect way to display cartridges I thought
about this problem a lot,these Spencers and 45 displayed on another post is easy. The real
problem starts when you intent to display a multitude of shapes and sizes on the same board
to hang for display first you collect a given number of cartridges of a certain caliber with lets say
12 different stamps than you cut the strip of plywood to fit and suit that set.Than you pick another
one,and another one until you can glue the whole thing together into a board,a lot of work,but
here to is the problem if you find new head stamps for any given set you cannot rip the board
apart to add 2 more.So nothing is perfect.Only thing you can do is add 2 extra grooves to the
board strips for future cartridges and in the meantime stick something else in there as long as it fits