SPIT Tool Cartridges

Here is a selection of 6.3mm (.25 Cal) Cartridges and some of the fasteners used in an older model French “SPIT” (Societe de Prospection et d’Inventions Techniques" Nail driver.

Form left to right: Plastic cartridge holder, Roll crimped cartridge, 2x Rose crimped cartridges, threaded stud, 2x nails of different lengths.

The coloured plastic holders the cartridges are inserted into the gun’s chamber in, I am unsure of the power levels, I know only that white is lowest and red is highest.

A “green” power level cartridge holder empty (left) and with cartridge (right). Headstamp is “SPIT 000”.

Were these made by SFM? Does anyone have any more info on the power levels, fasteners shown, or the name of the tool these are used in? I got these from the box of one of these tools I saw for sale, but forgot to make note of all this. I should have asked for a box to the blanks as well, as that had a power level chart on the side. The tool looked quite old, possibly 1960s or 70s. Any info would be helpful.

Any info?