Spoon tip bullets

I am looking for info and pics of military and civilian spoon tip bullets and cartridges using this bullet design ?

municion.org/ then> Fuego Central then> Hasta 6 mm / .245" then > 4.6x36 CETME

The 4.6x30 for the MP7 exists also with a spoon tip.

I could post a photo of a Belgian 5.56x45mm Spoonpoint produced by FN for West Germany’s 4.3mm Caseless trials if this is of interest to you. It’s headstamped 'F N 73’

There is a spoon-tip loading of the 6.5x25 CBJ also.

This is the only spoon tip that I have:

May anyone comment on the reason for this design’s existance?

The idea was to increase 4,* mm bullet’s damaging effect. When bullet hits target it turns to 90 degree what allows make more damage. Maybe somebody else will add more details…

Would not this spoon-tip design interfere with the bullet’s straight path, i.e. would not it affect precision? Also, I thought regular ball ammo was designed to go straight through, and hollow-point to expand, so why to have another large hole making type? Economics?


The shape of a bullet’s tip (meplat) plays a big role in its ballistic coefficient but it’s surprising how much damage it can have and still be accurate. Accurate enough for military purposes at least. Even Benchrest bullets often have slightly irregular meplats. On the other hand, any flaw in a bullets base will degrade accuracy.

I believe that most spoon tipped bullets are small caliber, and as Yuri said, they are designed to change direction when hitting a target making them more lethal.

Don’t forget, things like this are strictly military and the military mind does not always come up with the best solution to a problem.


[quote=“Ray Meketa”]… and the military mind does not always come up with the best solution to a problem.


…ain’t that the truth ;-)

The projectile was developed by Dr. G

most strange and desirable bullet design , the very little info available about this bullet make it extremely collectible .
we need more info ?
coments please ?
albert torres


I don’t ordinarily collect stuff like this but I do have a couple of spoon billed cartrdiges in my collection, primarily because of the unusual bullet.

I have not found them to be particularly hard to find or expensive. It may be that the bullet design prevents them from being owned in certain countries and States (Kalifornia??) and that fact makes them appear to be less common than they really are.


The Spanish/German 4.6mm spoon tips are rather inexpensive here in Germany. No idea how it is elsewhere.

[quote=“EOD”]The projectile was developed by Dr. G

Daniel, great you found it. I did not suceed in finding the US-Version and had to scan my Xerox-copy. The name was kind a distorted there and I messed it up.

thank you all for the info . this design may be used in the chinese 5.8 x 42 mm cartridge , to improve tumbling effect .
albert torres