Sporting ctges (ter)

I would like an identification of these ctges

From left to right :


#1 is a 7x35R Tesching (T83) not shown in ESC vol 1 or 2 . Basically an un-necked 5.6x35R Vierling most commonly encountered as empty cases but also known in loaded form.

#2 is probably just an 8x57J (M7) as this hs would be late for a 8x56 MS ? (1908)

#3 as stated

#4 is evidently an early 8x64 Brenneke prototype made from 7x64 cases - several of these are known and evidently came from a packet written with “Hülsen 7x64 auf 8x64 geändert” (ref Petrusic)

Thank you very much

You are talking about a T83; In your book it stops at T66.

Have you found a lot more of ctges since edition of your two books ??


JP - most of the new ones are listed here: