Sporting ctges

What are these ctges ?

From left to right :

  1. hstp : / Norma Re / Special
    10.4 x 72.4

  2. hstp : / Norma Re / 375 HH
    9.5 x 85.3

  3. Hoffman 275 Magnum
    7.15 x 65


JP, no. 1 looks like a .416 Hoffman and it was made using a Norma H&H basic case. Please, could you check the case lenghts of no. 2 and 3? As far as I can see, these are standard .375 H&H Magnum (Belted) and .275 H&H Magnum (Belted) cartridges, the latter made by Western for Hoffman Arms Co. Regards, Fede.

thanks Fede

you are right there are mistakes for cases length of 2 and 3
cl for number 2: 71.85 (and not 85.3)
cl for number 3: 63.4 (and not 65)

I don’t understand why I put number 2 ctge aside if it is a regular 375 H&H Magnum (Belted) !!


I think that the first cartridge is loaded with ba .411" bullet instead of a standard .416". So it could be one of the various wildcat cartridges similar to the 416 Hoffman /Remington magnum, like the .404 Barnes Supreme, that is almost identical to the 416 Hoffman except for bullet diam

thanks Pivi