SPORTOWY adapters

A friend of mine, who owns a gunshop recently imported some Sportowy pistols along with their subcaliber (steel) cartridges. He gently sent me a sample

These adaptors were discussed here before


Anyway, I wonder why they didn’t produce an insert identical, in its outside dimensions, to the 7.62 Tokarev cartridge (the insert doesn’t chamber in a Tokarev pistol) . Why did they don’t simply made a 22 version of the Tokarev pistols? Maybe they found out simple and cheap to use original Tokarev slides and frames?

I should probably check my examples, but the shorter steel example might fit in a standard TT chamber.

I have one of these pistols. Came with 8 aluminum adapters that did not fit even in the chamber of the Sportowy. They had to be ground down as they were both too long and too fat. Once corrected, they chamber in TT-33 pistols as well. 7.62x25mm also chambers in the Sportowy. Good thing the firing pin is off center enough not to connect with the centerfire primer.

I’d love to get my hands on some steel adapters. Already ripped the rim off one of the aluminum ones before getting the dimensions just right.