Springfield T24 Pre Nato MG Links Experimental For Sale

Springfield Pre Nato T24 MG Links Experimental Peace and Parts RARE MG34

“The T24 was a copy of the MG42 during the war as a possible replacement for the Browning Automatic Rifle & M1919A4 for infantry squads, the new version being adapted for the .30-06 cartridge. Saginaw Steering Gear constructed a working prototype designated as the T24 machine gun which could also be used on an M2 Tripod. However, the realization that the .30-06 cartridge might be too long for the gun’s mechanism to easily cope with, and most notably a design flaw in the prototype resulted in the discarding of the project.”

I discovered these back in the mid 80s at a gun show just outside Springfield Ma. were an example of this gun resides today. I sold The largest a complete belt to the British War Museum (the largest link collection in the world) and one other to a private collector. This is what remains.